🌸Year of the Pupper🌸 (JinxWolf34) wrote in artists_beware,
🌸Year of the Pupper🌸

Artist Beware: Matchadrool/QTCoyote

Text: WHO: Matchadrool/QTCoyote

WHERE: Megaplex 2017 - Artist Alley

WHAT: Traditional badge

WHEN: August 6, 2017 - September 6,2018

EXPLAIN: I ordered a traditional badge from Matchadrool at Megaplex last year. At first everything seemed fine. I got the sketch and it looked cute. However, there was an anatomical error with the badge and as an artist myself, I wanted to let them know how to fix it for the future(see images below). I told them not to worry about it for my badge. This was the last time I heard from them. We originally talked through text but after they disappeared I found them on instagram after a friend got a commission from them after I had bought mine. I saw that the badge had progressed since I had talked to them but, as of me typing this they have not sent a badge. I have tried to reach out both via text and instagram but no response.

Tags: artist-matchadrool/qtcoyote, beware
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