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Beware: Izacmafia, EmperorZheng

WHO: izacmafia on FA, EmperorZheng on DA

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: Zerosuit special colored sketch.

WHEN: October 15th-31st 2018

EXPLAIN: Did not make corrections on a WIP sketch, and was abusive when such was requested.  Admittedly, I could have handled it better, but I'm unused to such behavior.  The latest/last notes exchanged through FA was shortly before I left for work this morning and when I got home this evening, I found that he'd already deleted the work and approval sketches before I'd been able to save them.   I know English wasn't his first language, and communication was difficult at times, but he managed to satisfactorily complete one piece prior to this, despite him misreading or ignoring how I'd requested the characters be posed.

I'm unsure if I should still press him for a refund seeing as he did the work, but I am now without even the unsatisfactory art.

Edit: He did restore the image in question and I was able to save it, so the beware is now primarily about his behavior and advice on how to proceed.

PROOF: I apologize for how disjointed and difficult to follow the conversation may be, FA note system is kind of difficult to use, and I had to bounce between my inbox and outbox.  Please do note that 11 is not a duplicate, as it shows a different response.

[Spoiler (click to open)] Edit: Art was received, 14 just remains to demonstrate it was infact deleted.

The work in question:,h_1046,q_70,strp/commission_for_eviscerator_2_by_emperorzheng_dcqsi1k-pre.jpg

And as in my first screencap, I requested heights of 160cm and 185cm respectively, and supplied a visual aid when requesting the correction:

I don't know what good a paypal screencap would be, as the art is done and I'm no longer pursuing a refund, but here goes:

Tags: artist-izacmafia/emperorzheng, beware

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