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No Edits/No refunds

Hello-hello! Long time lurker, first time joining/posting!
I recently commissioned an artist for an icon that is a super cute 'chibi' style and after a brief delay where they very maturely kept everyone updated I finally received it to find that it was off a bit color wise.
The artist themselves works in a fairly pastel style so I expected some muting but not to the severity I got.
They explained they had a new computer that wouldn't color pick(?) and had to eyeball the colors.
The icon aside from the coloring is fine, very cute.
However they asked what I thought or if I was happy with it and despite them having a no refund/edit clause I tossed them a message regarding the color issue.
I saw the no refund/no edits before I commissioned but the icons we're simple enough and cheap enough I felt it worth the risk.
The artist responded to my first message reaffirming the no edits, brought up their old ToS that use to say the colors would vary and that was that.
(I also asked about a smaller detail on the character but I do agree with them it was too small to get across on such a small icon)
I messaged again expressing confusion on why they asked my opinion anyways as well as pointing out their old ToS has nothing to do with this as it wasn't the ToS I agreed to. At this point I was fine with it tbh, cut my losses and go.

Then next reply they insulted me. Got very aggressive and rude out of nowhere. So I told them the conversation was over, I did not tolerate rudeness and we could continue the discussion in PayPal's dispute window.

Their last reply was to tell me they would take this issue publically.
I received a refund shortly after.

I'm wondering what to do now, they have a big following and while I do not regret putting a foot down I do not want to to deal with the backlash of whiteknights pouring down on me over what I assume will be a nasty and rude call-out post. Should I wait to see if this is just a thinly veiled threat? Inform then I will make a beware if they go through with their call-out post? Ignore it for now???
Their ToS is actually ridiculous and their stances on character sales and adopts are very...shaddy too?
I admit this is on me for taking the risk and not researching them further but the fact they got so hostile out of nowhere is my issue now.

(Forgive any errors, I'm on mobile!)

Edit: given they made a rude beware of their own to share our private conversations I will be taking the advice to post my own beware here. Thank you all for the advice!

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Oct. 30th, 2018 08:16 pm (UTC)
I had a similar issue with a user who has very poor worth ethics and trats anyone who obposesses them or dossnt agree like garbage. They too posted a counter beware against me, filled it with excessive lies, and due to their large following i was harassed by several white knights. The reason? I "annoyed them" for asking where my art was when they kept not providing after their given deadline saying their harassment was justified because thet had 4k+ followers compared to my 200+ and "not to f!@# woth higher tier artists". This artist even went as far as to share personal information on facebook in their beeare there.

It took the threat of legal action for breaking state confidentiality laws to make them stop and remove their facebook post after dealing with them for 3+ months. Since then I have still seen them treat anyone who becomes their new target or just gets under their skin horribly.

I wiuld post a beware about this person then avoid them like the plague after. Any harassment from others report if you can and avpid them as well. If they are anything like what i went throigh, you could end up with some 20+ white knights to add to a block list who are too blind to see their princess/prince is not all sparkles and rainbows.


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