Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in artists_beware,

Someone else who cheats artists

This isn't furry, but it is a group of people that certainly cheat artists out of hard work.
It's a company called Right Choice Publishing. They're a business in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I advise you not to do any work for them. They make you do a lot of free work, and you don't get paid until the designs are done `right,' which is hardly ever. Designers are supposed to work from their home and send stuff in, but I didn't have that luxury. Yet, despite me coming into their office every day, and working long hours in their cramped, drafty basement, my official title was still `Self Employed Subcontractor.' They demanded I spend long hours tweaking files and fixing images FOR FREE, and, even more insulting, I had to constantly fix their company logos and air filter advertisements for no pay whatsoever.
They have lawyers. You sign a contract to work there. I suggest you never work for these people, because once you're signed up, you're screwed.

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