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Artist Beware: Baasil

I shall begin this with a little warning. I was uninformed about the actual stipulations of Paypal; I have always thought it was only 60 days, and not 120 days for buyer protection. With that said I was a bit assertive to this commissioned person. I thought my time was running out and dry, but this could have easily been resolved with some reassurance by this commissioned person. 


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This was meant to be a quick icon and a full color commission that stretched at most a 2 or 3 week period as stated by the artist. 


August 31, 2018 - October 21, 2018


The situation all started on August 31st 2018… I commissioned this artist in the early hours of 6am, but their stream ran short and they had been up all night for that day. They said they would complete my commission the following day.  

I am always forgiving and being an artist myself was totally fine with waiting until tomorrow. Tomorrow came, and nothing had been done. I did not expect the requested art of a full color commission the following day, but I did expect some progress on this icon we had discussed in stream before.  

Shortly after there was a Hurricane that struck their area, no damage other than power outages on Sept 9th

I went along with what they said to me in that journal, that they will be working offline for their owed art due to those who had worked with them prior to the storm. Being patient I waited until days passed.

Sept 24th came I asked for n update since their queue listing isn’t quite listed anywhere I can find.

My sketch was promised the week of Sept 24th September 24th was a Monday and the 29th would be the end of this week After these following messages my patience became stale and I had to be a bit more blunt as I have seen little to no action by this artist to do their duties. 

I was giving the benefit of the doubt to them and letting them tackle on a new icon since it’s been rough times. 

Again another false promise “tomorrow” my patience is already running thin by now.

As I do not want this artist do to any more work than is required I wanted to make it clear that this is replacing what we had previously discussed. 

Now comes the true fallout and where I feel insulted by this artist.

[for some reason it has “RE” even tho this is initial messages]

This is the point where I thought I am running out of buyers protection and being a bit more blunt with this artist.

Tomorrow promises yet again still being forgiving to this artist as I know how times can be tough. 

Confirming and thanking on the new family member, at this point it has been a total of 46 days from initial commissioning. The icon was meant to be done the DAY after I commissioned them, and the art was to be done in 14/21 days from commission date. 

Things turn sour~

It was at this point that I thought my buyers protection was running out and thought 60 days was the final cut off for my protection. This could have been so easily retorted by the artist letting me know I had 180 days but they decided to go a different route. 

Their claim is that they have had my work done, but I do not believe them. I have no means of guaranteeing or not that they had my work done. I also felt sympathy for them because I do commission work too but of a different kind. 

This was the most insulting thing of our interaction. As a client it is not my duty to keep notes on what you as a professional artist are owing me. 

This is a blurry pic just where we had a verbal agreement of work we had done. It’s the best I could do I am sorry. Their vod was low resolution. 

They got the idea of me being under the YCH through my personal Furaffinity Page. As I thought my time was running out I had to pressure them.

Things got hostile.

They got really mad at me, granted I was being very direct and blunt. I was just tired of hearing the three or four confirmations of getting my art done “this week” // “tomorrow” that I was basically done with this whole situation and wanted my money back. 

This is where things turned sour and I lost trust in this person.

The fact that they are threatening defaming my name even tho my only fault was being assertive made me wary of their intentions. 

“Rest of refund, you’re even making money on it because I can’t be bothered to figure out fees. If you still action, I will be pursuing theft by deception charges and reporting to FA. :D”

After issuing a 30 USD charge when I specifically told them the amount.

After this moment I just refunded both their initial 10 usd and their 30 dollars sent. 

The saga ends there. This was the worst interaction I’ve ever had with an artist in my time on Furafinity. Could have simply been reassured by some condolences to me. Letting me know I had extra time vs when i assert myself threatening defamation. 

I am not sure what circles they run with, but hopefully I am blocked by anyone who sides with their antics. 

PROOF: Inline linking as conversation goes on, but will include all here in order of all my messages on FA.


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