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Gunna make this short and sweet before the beers steal my typing prowess. Don't commission people when they are "Strapped For Cash". I don't even need to explain this one. I mean, really. Just scroll down "artists_beware" and read what every other posting starts with.

Now, discuss "Why".

EDIT: OK, I edited this rather than reply to 22 posts made overnight. I do most my internetting from work but I don't have that much little to do. Also I'm sober now enough to make with the explaining. At least, to make with the "my actual opinion on the subject".

LJ cut for those who don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

I'm sitting in my office and a woman comes in. She says, "I hear you are looking for a driver." I am, infact. "Well I am a driver for H-County Blah and I need a new job, this one doesn't pay enough, and it's rant rant rant here. My life is [insert more negativity here] and I really need the money."

Did I hire this woman? F no. Why? She is more than qualified, she works for H-county Gov't. Because of the DRAMA and the mindset. You don't get a job by complaining about your life at an interview, OK? You sure as hell don't get a job by ranting about your last one**. That is so unprofessional it's not even funny. Well it kinda is, or I wouldn't have remembered it to use here in this post. (I once had an interview-ee put "sparkle concentration" as a skill on an application.)


I know, I know, not all artists are professionals, and not all artists act professionally regardless. That's because we are of all ages and backgrounds. Some of us have jobs on the side, some don't. But making yourself out to be a pity fuck is so degrading. Sell your art by showing your talent, not your helplessness. If you are /that/ strapped for cash anyway, get a fucking job*. It's one thing to be in a bind once or twice. But this is constant. I constantly see artists holding up "art for food" signs. [of course, i'll see ya'll at AC, right?] That shit is bogus. The pity party needs to stop.

*Does not apply to people who actually cannot get a job for a valid reason, obviously. I find comfort that some of those of us who cannot work in the working world still try to get by with some kind of work. Kudos to you!

**Don't get me started on furry artists who hate the furry fandom and can't stand furries and hate furry stuff but then still draw furry art and complain on every other furry commission they get- even though they can't live without the money or be bothered to get a real job and/or get the fuck off the internet and leave us alone if we're so awful.

So yes, aside from the people who actually screw others over, I really don't like the entire mindset of using your personal dilemma as a selling tactic. It's LOW. It's always going to be low.

And that is my opinion on it. There's not so much to comment about the other side of the coin, the people who are "strapped" then once they've got your money suddenly can't find the time to finish your commission. They either discount their work and then feel unmotivated by the pay, or they accept something they didn't really want to accept then don't feel like doing the job once they have "better commissions" on the horizon. And then you just have the people who take your cash and magically dissapear into the internetverse. Fuck these people, they fuck it for the rest of us. Buyers and Sellers alike.
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