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Advice about chargebacked payment please

Last month I made a fursuit to someones specifications and asked for payment once it was finished. They warned their paypal does not work properly and asked for other ways to pay, to which I requested a gift card to a website in exchange for the fursuit. A few days later the gift card was charged back and the balance taken from me. When confronting the customer they confirmed that they/their bank did a chargeback and apologized. After two weeks they told me their bank will not give them the money back but the gift card was not reinbursed and the website confirmed that there was a discrepancy and it will not be given to me. They offered to try to pay me in january but that is a long time to wait, so I offered them a trade theyll consider in November. I want to be a understanding and kind person however its hard to understand how a chargeback would be unstoppable and random without any of us receiving that money. Even though it wasn’t my fault that the chargeback happened I offered to pay half to said person once the suit is sold but they do not want me to sell it, and giving it further thought I struggle financially and wonder if it is on me to pay for half the chargeback when i made a fursuit and received nothing? The suit was done in a very generic design, nothing original. Id like if theyd be able to just do a trade as I cannot trust another chargeback not to happen but they havent done anything to make that happen other than a consideration next month. I dont want to be a unjust person but this whole situation is over my head and input is appreciated. Thank you
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