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Giving out Source Files

Last day I saw someone posting how they were really happy about an artist giving out source files, like PSD or SAI files and saying they highly prefer artists like that. The author said every customer should have the right to edit.

This got me quite interested but I'm not sure if I should do the same. Since AB has a lot of people who've been in the commission market for a much longer time than me, I want to ask:
Does anyone else give out source files? What are the pros and cons for both, artist and customer?

If this question doesn't belong here, then I apologize!
Thank you for reading~

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Oct. 22nd, 2018 12:33 pm (UTC)
I rarely give out full, un-flattened PSDs, I'll give the client a full rez flattened PSDs, but not one with the layers intact. The only time I give out the full PSD is if I know the person I'm giving it to well enough or if it was negotiated during the payment process. I for one would like to know what the motivation is behind having the files and what they intend to use it for, just in case someone is trying to use my images for commercial purposes without paying a licensing fee.

Pros for the client: They can look at how the art is made, get tips on their own work if they also do that. Maybe appreciate the complexity in the piece and the work the artist put into it. They can use pieces of the work more easily in something else such as making banners, icons or profile pics for themselves, or make minor changes without pestering the artist and paying for additional changes, such as markings changed over the years.

Pros for the artist: At most all I can think of is that the client can make minor edits without pestering the artist, but you have to have an artist that's even okay with that in the first place.

Cons for the client: Not understanding what the file and it's process means and giving them more than they actually need, sometimes frustrating them if they don't know what they're getting.

Cons for the artist: The client can use pieces of the work more easily in something else or edit easily. It would mean the client could more easily use the work in derivative pieces without permission or in the REALLY off chance, edit it and pass it off as their own. They can remove the watermarks and re-post wherever and while the artist has the right to get those taken down, it doesn't make it easier. HOWEVER the same can be said of people that re-post their un-watermarked, flattened, high rez images to their gallery.

You don't have to give out the PSD if you don't want to, you don't even have to allow editing, it's entirely up to what the artist in particular is comfortable with.


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