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Was this artist overstepping

Hey guys. I'm a writer who often commissions (cheap-ish) covers for my Amazon books; I'm new to the game and havn't started making money off my work-yet. Recently I had an artist I was in the interviewing phase of boldly come out and state (after having agreed to my price on the FA forums) that because this was for a book, they expected to be paid more and or a share of the profits. Now I have offered this deal to artists I knew personally out of respect and all declined, but personally, I think for a stranger to do so is at best bold and at worst rude. The other issue I took with it was if the artist felt my price was too low, why reply to my posting in the first place? Why barter with me? I had to explain my financial status which was rather embarrassing. (well, I guess I didn't, but I felt like it was being implied I was cheap) any thoughts? Or am I in the wrong here and is it standard practice for this to be done? If I was a big-selling established author, obviously, I'd be paying people more. 


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