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Advice post, icons?

I placed and order for halloween/fall themed couple icons on the 1st; the artist sent a WIP on the second and I loved it and told them to continue.

On the 5th they sent me the finished icons, and it was completely different from the wip. Both my partner and I found the new pose cute, but much preferred the original pose. I replied asking why it was changed and stating we preferred the original. The artist said they apologized and would redo the original sketch.

I was pretty worried because we were both pretty disappointed, and neither of us wanted to come off like we just wanted free art. Neither of use have used the changed icons at all.

It's been 10 days without hearing anything from the artist and they've been posting and I was never re-added to their to-do list. I also sent a note asking for an update extremely early on the 14th (2am) and it has been read and ignored.

I feel like the artist is upset with me and does not want to do the original icon. But we never agreed to the change and there was no wip for it, and I know, that if I did that, as an artist I would have to redo it because you cant just change things on clients.

But, I technically got art for my money, it's just not what I was given as a WIP.
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