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Commissioned artwork back in June, No Contact + No Progress since then -> activated Paypal.


edit at the end, its solved, boys (and girls)!

I come to you with yet another issue. Back in June I have commissioned artwork for the upcoming httyd film from an artist on FA, not naming him yet as Id like to see if the issue can be resolved over paypal. 

Anywho a deal was made over discord, 100 dollars were payed, all seemed well. After 3.5 months, in september, I started to become worried as I have not received anything, no contact, no eta, no progression. So I contacted the artist 2-3 weeks ago on Discord, where he can be seen active. 

I did not get a reply. 

I waited another week, he can be seen playin video games and using programs over the discord overlay, so he was very much active. I message him again for information about the picture. Still no answer. 

One week later and we are at today, I decided to start a buyers protection conversation over paypal (I did pay with the services and goods option) to try and get my money back as this feels like im being scammed and as the same just happened a few months ago, Id like to not let it happen again.

I then stated my case in the paypal message system and sent him a last msg over discord informing him of me starting said paypal conversation so he can react there immediately. Furthermore I told him I will not discuss anything via discord anymore, as all communication shall be over paypal until the issue is resolved.

Did I jump the gun too soon? Should I have "threatend" him with paypal first before actually doing it? I just really didnt want to have any annoying discussions on discord and be "forced to threaten" people and after being ignored, Id prefer to just deal with it and move on. Also I think he wouldnt put "his heart" into the artwork anymore after being threatend, so Id prefer a refund now.

What do you think? Also do I have a good chance of gettin my money back, even if he declines any such refund over paypal?

Thanks for your ideas and inputs!

EDIT: The artist immediately refunded me the artwork and has apologized for what happened. Its solved. I feel kinda bad for immediately going the paypal way, but it all worked out in the end.


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