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Celestina Ketzia

Moving Offsite Poll Results


From both our community poll and twitter poll, the results were that the community wants us to move.

Currently we have a domain, and our site is well under way with great help from TiantiShizhe on Twitter. We are using Invision Community.

What We Have
- A section for bewares where users will be able to search via an artist/client's name.
Searching an artist's name will bring up all entries, including resolved, open bewares, and positive entries.

- A forum where users will be able to seek advice.

- A resources section where we will host a variety of topics like "Freelancing 101" and "Building a ToS". Currently only moderators may post to this section.

What We Are Working On

- From a little glimpse in the forum screenshot we are currently working on a way to archive the entries from LJ. LJ doesn't make it easy, but this is what's likely going to take up the bulk of our time. Comments may have to come at a later date, or may be cherry picked based on the entry. Those can't be ported, and would have to be manually screenshotted or saved.

- Cosmetic. The blue background is not staying; it's a default. There will be multiple themes for users to choose from.

- Email support. No more having to pick a moderator. Emailing our email address should ping a central location, and all moderators will be notified.

Quick Q&A

1. Will I need an account to use the new site?
Currently, yes. You may register an account with us or use a twitter account. We will only collect your email address, and those are viewable to moderators only. At this time we do not intend for guests to be able to comment or post bewares, but they may view all of the site.

2. Will Artists_Beware maintain the same posting requirements?
No. A lot of our policies exist because of being situated on LJ. We will discuss what we can loosen up on now that we have our own home. However, requiring all real life names be censored will always be a must.

3. When do you plan on launching?
There is no estimate right now. The infrastructure is down, but the archive remains the biggest hurdle. We want to ensure that it's completely intact.

4. Is there anything else?
I would personally like to have a status that would indicate a member that isn't a moderator, but has proven themselves to be a valuable member of the community by their knowledge. We have many members who have continuously given fantastic advice through the years, and a level where you are highlighted to the community at whole would be a nice feature, I believe. A gold star contributor of sorts.

So this is where we're at. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
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