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JackieJackal/Azazel - YCH Pre-pose

WHO: JackieJackal/Azazel  

WHERE: — Now: 

WHAT: Digital art — YCH Pre-pose   

WHEN: May 19th 2016 — Present  

EXPLAIN: Azazel (JackieJackal at the time) was hosting a ych sale on her Furaffinity page (link to the actual commission can be found here - WARNING! THE IMAGE IS NSFW: And so I bought one of the slots, and everything was going quite smoothly until it reached October 31st 2016. 5 months after purchasing the ych and I hadn't had any updates of proof my piece had been worked on, so I decided to ask for a refund. JJ excepted this and over the next 2 years (almost) I would ask every few months if she had enough money for my refund yet, and every time they would have some sort of money trouble and I'd have to wait. I feel I'm quite understanding, like I know sometimes life can be a bit rubbish and unforeseen expenses can come out of nowhere. But 2 years just seems far too long to wait for this sort of refund.  

PROOF: All our Furaffinity notes to each other (in order) —


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