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Rules and Submission Guidelines

Prior to participating in Artists_Beware we ask that users read over our rules. Ignorance of the Rules or Submission Guidelines will not prevent a warning or ban.


1. No screening, deleting, locking, disabling comments, or any sort of tampering with posts or comments, including your own!
If your situation is resolved, do not edit your post with strike-through text. You may add updates to the body of your post in order to provide evidence, additional information, or if the situation is resolved, as long as the initial warning remains intact. Violating this may result in an immediate permaban.

1a. By posting here, your post will be copied to ab_archive for the purposes of archiving. Deleted posts may be restored to artists_beware at our discretion.

2. Do not, in ANY WAY, contact anyone posted to the community if you are not personally involved in the transaction. We do not condone or tolerate harassment. THIS COULD GET YOU IMMEDIATELY BANNED!

3. No trolling, name-calling, or personal insults. If you see this occurring, do not respond. Racist, homophobic, and/or transphobic language will result in an immediate ban.

4. No criticism of artistic quality or monetary value. This is not a critique community, it is a transaction-based community.

5. Do not comment in a post questioning its relevance to this community. Posts are moderated, thus it 'belongs in artist's beware' if it's been posted.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions are to be transaction based. Art trades, game currency, or items for art trades, are acceptable as well as monetary exchange. Bewares on someone's character will not be accepted.

2. We only accept direct character theft posts. We will only take bewares where characters already exist and are commissioned without the owner's consent. We will not judge "character theft" posts where characters may look similar or share similar traits.

3. We do not accept group posts or group warning posts. Please make individual posts.

4. We do not accept proxy posts. Only individuals directly involved with the transaction may make a post to the community. All others will be rejected. An exemption to this are individuals who require translators to post to the community.

5. Submissions are to be as professional as possible. We will reject posts that are excessively hostile, name call, and utilize racist/ homophobic/ transphobic language. We understand you're upset, but please take some time to write out your submission thoughtfully.

6. No personal fights or excessive personal information. Bewares that contain personal disputes will be asked to trimmed down to only the transaction if there is one. Any posts that contain excessive personal information will be rejected. This includes economic statuses, what people are buying, medical conditions, etc.
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