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Beware: Edalie

WHO: Edalie https://www.deviantart.com/edalie-chan (she used to have a twitter, but it's been deleted)

WHERE: Discord PMs

WHAT: Digital art commission

WHEN: Commission was paid for on April 11th. 

EXPLAIN: In April, I came into contact with Edalie. She had been posting her art in a discord server I frequent at a steady pace. After noting her quality and ability to draw different styles, I asked her for a commission. A character design sheet, with three total drawings, all shaded, and 6 total facial expressions. She charged me $290 USD for the transaction. It was pricey, but I could afford it at the time. 

On May 21st, I received lineart for the first pose. Simple enough. It was colored the next day. We would go about a week's worth of silence, before more contact on June 6th. She promised that she would get me a sketch of the second pose by the next day. It did not come by the next day. In fact, it wouldn't arrive for two whole months, during which contact was very scarce and was almost always initiated by me engaging in small talk every now and then. 

In early August, I finally received the sketches promised. And then more silence. On August 23rd, I was told that she would be streaming this commission on her Twitch channel, and she asked me if she was okay to begin working on lineart. To the best of my knowledge, this stream did not happen. I tuned in briefly and she was not working on my commission at all. However, she has past broadcasts turned off, so I have no real way of verifying this. I have reason to believe she did not work on my commission at all, however, because the next update I received from her would just be a revised sketch and not the lineart I was promised.

A full month passed, and on September 24th, I messaged her again, this time with a pretty passive aggressive message. She responded and apologized, stating that she had accepted other commissions, and had given them priority. Her reasoning for this was because I didn't ask for a deadline. 

She asked for a chance to make it up by working on the commission all day. At the time, I accepted it. However, I sought counsel from friends, some of whom are also artists, and they understood my concerns. Mainly that I felt like it was unfair for my commission to just not be worked on even though I paid for a spot in the queue.

Following our exchange, she finally got the lineart to me (mind you, this was supposed to be completed in August). I began to ask her for revisions, but instead I decided that it was best we called it off. I felt like it would be enabling that kind of behavior if I let her continue to work on the commission with no accountability, as she had already shown me that she was likely not going to give my commission priority if other commissions came in, despite the fact that it had been five months since I paid for it.

After asking for a refund, she became very combative, initially saying that 2 months is the average turnaround for a commission based on what other artists have told her. She also tried to insinuate that because I was patient, that I was okay with being pushed back constantly due to her prioritizing other commissions paid for after mine.

I told her I felt that the art I was going to be given in only hours would not match the quality I would expect for a $290 payment, and also due to how long it took for us to get to that point. She seemed to think that my issue was with the quality of the art and the price, not with how long it took for me to get lineart for the sketch.

After a little bit more of back and forth (screenshots of the full discord conversation from the time of payment to the end will be provided) she agreed to calculate the refund price.

I reasoned that the refund would be around $170 to $190 due to the fact that only one out of 3 poses had been colored, lineart for the other two poses had been finished that day, and nothing had been shaded.

Her refund amount was $80. She tried to justify it saying that her prices at the time were $70 for lineart ($100 now, apparently). I agreed without thinking about it at the time, but upon further review of our logs, there was no such price specified at all. She also mentions a discount on cell shaded fullbodies. That was also not in our agreement.

We go back and forth a little more, and our logs end with her telling me that after our conversation, she will be instating a no refunds policy and that it's based on her own kindness not to enforce that on me. I have since attempted to go through PayPal for a chargeback, and am currently trying to get half of the agreed amount back, as I do not feel like she should keep $210 for less than half of the work.

Following this situation, she has since blocked me on Discord, and banned me from her server. The mod message states the following (a friend joined the server and sent the screenshot, which will be provided below):

"Hi @everyone! This post is a warning of a recent commissioner. When doing business with someone, it's never wise to be fickle and change things unless the other party agrees. It can cause confusion, and a hassle for both sides. When you give money to someone for a service, you are forming a business relationship. A successful business is all about the satisfaction of both ends, and the responsibility of the commissioner matters just as much as the Artist's. Feelings must be mutual so the Artist can happily receive their payment, while the commissioner can happily receive their product. The safety of the Artist is just as important as well, so the commissioners that disrespect, and mistreat the Artist will result in being Blacklisted. 

The commissioner that will be Blacklisted is @yung nero, and will now be banned from the server. 

With research and from recent events, he's had a history of disrespecting creators for his own satisfaction and unrealistic views upon forming a business. So please, be cautious if he makes contact with you."

This post makes me feel like 1) she told her mods false information about me to slander me ("With research and from recent events, he's had a history of disrespecting creators for his own satisfaction and unrealistic views upon forming a business" despite the fact that said research and history doesn't exist) and 2) it feels like an attempt to sweep everything under the rug. 

This could prove problematic in the future, as if there are any artists that accept commissions in her server, that could potentially prevent me from trying to commission other artists in the future.

PROOF: Imgur gallery containing the full Discord conversation top to bottom: https://imgur.com/gallery/VRydPgT

direct link to the screenshot of the mod message: https://i.imgur.com/lRCYhjN.png

direct link to what was finished of the commission: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/433424408808259585/494201477372444702/unknown.png

EDIT: PayPal denied the chargeback request. She got away with murder, ggs.

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(Screened comment)
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:27 pm (UTC)
mod comment
This is being screened because the twitter portions are unrelated to any transaction. Quite frankly it's not the community's concern. If you would like to repost the segments about Edalie you are more than welcome to.

However, please bear in mind that any poor behavior on behalf of the client doesn't negate the fact that the they are still owed a proper refund for work not done.

Also please watch the number of edits that you do as moderators are emailed for every comment and edit to a comment. It becomes very spammy very quickly.
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:31 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
I apologize upon constantly editing it, I want to do one last one posting the entirety of the conversation between them, so I apologize in advance for that one, and thank you for notifying me. I wanted to make sure everything was clear on the issue. There was no unfairness on giving a refund. A refund was given, but not to the amount the OP wanted, in result lashing out towards the Artist.
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:33 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
Yes, and the community has so far agreed that the amount refunded was far below the percentage the commission's completion. It appears to be 50%ish completed. Thus the client should receive 50% of their money back. Until that is done Edalie will retain her beware tag.
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:35 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
You say as if it was a scam, once again as a freelancer, we have the right to make our own guidelines, if they aren't being respected, why commission in the first place?
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:37 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
Your guidelines should be in line with good business practices, and not be unfair to the client. You can't keep people's money if you didn't do the work. That's unethical. If a client is obnoxious or difficult to deal with, then you issue them a full refund and walk away. Anything less is theft.
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:44 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
They literally drew 1 fully base coloured lineart, following along with two other fully lined works. That in itself was already worth 230. There was nothing unfair to begin with.
Oct. 27th, 2018 04:47 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
Edalie set her price for the ref sheet, and it's not the client's problem if she undercharged (which she did!). If it is not at a percentage completion equal to the refund, then it's not a correct refund. End of story.

Now, you are welcome to post whatever is relevant to the transaction and this client. While we still feel that nothing negates the fact that Edalie under-refunded, the community still feels that full disclosure is important. If this client is difficult or abusive we most certainly would like to know!

Please be sure to censor any unrelated third parties, email addresses, and real life names in screen caps or we will have to screen your comment again until it is fixed. Thanks!
Oct. 27th, 2018 07:34 pm (UTC)
Re: mod comment
>"That in itself was already worth 230"

Not based on her current prices at the time, nor was it based on the price she gave me.

The prices are all in the chatlogs posted above. Please read those.
Oct. 27th, 2018 06:51 pm (UTC)
RE: Lol
Hi, OP here.

So, clarifying a few things:

1) I already posted the full chatlogs between the artist and I in my post above. I don't see why a short version with less details (including having all of her responses removed???) needed to be reposted.

2) My Twitter account is not linked anywhere in the post, and nowhere on my profile. To make matters more confusing, the example linked is over a month old. Assuming the artist linked my Twitter account somewhere on her discord (which she probably did, considering she also posted my real name without my prior knowledge or consent) why would you feel the need to browse my personal accounts looking for dirt on me? How I talk to people I'm not commissioning, nor do I have any intention to commission, is none of your business.

3) I really don't know how this whole "history of being abusive towards other artists" thing came about, because the only other commissions I have had done were via email, and I can almost guarantee that details on those are scarce as I doubt that Edalie has contacts with R34 artists or Instagram cosplayers, Even if she did, I go out of my way to be courteous to people I'm giving money to, so there wouldn't be any issues.

EDIT: made a few changes to tighten up my points.

Edited at 2018-10-27 07:33 pm (UTC)
Oct. 27th, 2018 11:36 pm (UTC)
RE: Lol
Howdy. We screened this as we didn't want it to be part of the conversation in the community. It's irrelevant to your post. Please do not unscreen the conversation.

I will be freezing this thread. Please do not continue it.


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