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Advice: Artist has flat out vanished for 4 months

Hey everyone!

I literally made this account to ask the community about a commission problem, I hope you guys can help me. :/

So the story goes like this — I placed a commission with an artist on Inkbunny on June 16th. After a speedy fast reply, we discuss the details and I pay on the same date. Cool, right? The artist has done work for me in the past, so I decide to cut her some slack and send it through Friends and Family to make things easier for her.

We're now 4 month in and I haven't heard a word from the artist. All of her regular uploading platforms are absolutely dead as well as her social media, it's like she just disappeared. All of my private messages I've sent her on everything have gone unread which tells me she most likely hasn't logged in to any of her accounts since we last spoke.

My question to you guys is this — how screwed am I on getting a refund? Artist has vanished and I made the brutal mistake of sending payment through Friends and Family. At least the 6 month deadline hasn't hit, right?

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks for reading. 


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