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Im posting this for Joanna aka PageDrillgirl from DA.


My experience with Sun Tate (devilkittiejr on deviant art) is not a pleasant one. It started about 2 and a half years ago, when I had just returned from a trip to NYC, in spring of 04. She had up a journal saying she was in a money crunch and that she was offering up commissions. Me just returning from vacation had a lil extra cash so I went and offered it up since she was my friend. I paid her 25 dollars for 2 characters in traditional media, and a small background, in the form of a money order. From the start things seemed a lil weird. After a week I said have you gotten my money? She hadn’t. A month goes by and no money. She’s still on about how she has no cash. I send in 15 dollars (she lowered it since..something happened. ) And she gets this. Okay fine. Money is received time to get my commission right?

After that she presented me with an inked sketch. It wasn’t the pose I wanted and a lot of things from my characters were missing including many things that I consider “trademark.” I had very clear refs, and multiple other pictures to ref from so there really was no excuse for that. I told her this nicely and she said “Oh sure I dunno how I missed it, I’ll re-do it.” Well…after this I’ve never received anything again.

Over the months, and eventually YEARS I get. Nothing. She continues to upload pictures, some containing up to 10 characters in one picture (she does this a lot) I continue to ask about my commission. At first its “I don’t have any markers to match the colors.” being a marker artist can understand this, but I always make sure I have my markers -before- I start commissions, so that if there IS an issue I can add like 3 dollars to the tab to GET that marker. But yanno whatever, I waited. More months go by. More pics come up. Its true that most are in digital, but some were in traditional media. I ask her yet again. This time is my characters that are giving her troubles. Well me still trying to be understanding gives her an alternative, and she agrees to draw two other characters still in traditional media. Then..yet again nothing, and yet again it’s the “I don’t have the correct markers for that character excuse.”

At this point in time I’m like, well can you just give me a refund..please. She agrees. Yet I still don’t have anything. About a month ago I sent her a note, which she read and never responded too. So I took that as her ignoring me. After a week goes by and no response from the note I make a comment publicly to her page to which she says yet again I’ll give you the refund yet she adds “And I’ll send the multiple sketches I’ve never been able to finish for you.” Yet I’ve not ever seen..any of the ones she’s talking about besides the very very first wrong one. Okay fine..I was going to go on about it but on DA they have a new block feature, and she blocked my comments. So…I figure this needs to come out. I’ve pretty much given up hope for getting my refund or commission and I hear she’s still offering commissions.
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