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Assistance Is Greatly Appreciated

I'm trying to write up a contract for fursuit commissions and could use the input of someone more knowledgeable than I am. I'm not actually a furry, but a friend of mine is and wanted to start selling custom suits. I work in the legal field (though not as an attorney, I must stress) so I did a little research and roughed something out, with an eye towards protecting her creations from modifications or actions that she wouldn't want to be associated with. (i.e. overtly sexual, racist/bigoted, or just an act of moral turpitude).

If anyone is willing to give it a look and offer advice on whether it is suitable, or what should be changed to make it more appropriate (or tailored to her needs), I would be deeply indebted to you. I just want her to have a layer of protection against the stranger elements of the furry world.

The work in progress of the contract can be found here:

Thank You again.


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