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WHO: Taihab on Furaffinity, Taihab7 on Twitter, Taihab on Tumblr


WHAT: Digital artwork, a YCH auction. ($250 USD)

WHEN: Paid full amount on September 27, 2017. Last contact was on February 4, 2018.

EXPLAIN: Taihab was holding an NSFW 2 character YCH auction (the original submission with the bids on it has since been deleted from his gallery), where I had bid $250 for the female spot on September 24, 2017. Shortly after winning, we added each other on discord to discuss details, and I give him my character's reference sheet. I sent the full payment on September 27, 2017 via Paypal.


9/28/2017 Transaction: (

1/6/2018 Initial WIP sketch NSFW (

1/10/2018 Promising to finish the image in a few days (

1/17/2018 Changed the whole sketch NSFW (

1/29/2018 Instead of doing more work on the YCH image, he drew a completed image for me ( the image in question NSFW (

2/4/2018 Last contact received ( as well as me checking up on him on 4/28/2018 and once more 8/15/2018. As of today (9/14/2018) I have opened a dispute against him via Paypal.


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