cinnamouse wrote in artists_beware

So, I purchased an adopt..

And I love it. I love most of the design and I plan to use it for the Main character I've had for a few years now. However, I don't like the tail the character was drawn with. The artist, in their adoption rules, asked people who purchased not to "Change their Design" but I feel like it's bad business to do this? Because once it's purchased, it is no longer yours. If someone (like myself) doesn't like a single aspect of it, I think it should be fair to let them be rid of it. They shouldn't have to talk to you about it. However, I decided to talk to the artist about it because I'm a reasonable adult and even tell them I'm willing to pay extra to be able to remove it (which I honestly shouldn't have to). I'm awaiting the response.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend and my friend are telling me that characters change over time. Like her tail could have gotten cut off or, because she's meant to be a Dragon, she can shape shift and be rid of the tail. But I don't know if I should do that because I feel like people can be a bit sensitive and claim that I'm changing something when I'm not, I'd be catering to my character.

Now I'm afraid of a refund being forced on me for just wanting to exclude a tail that doesn't fit the design at all..

Any suggestions..?


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