lunahasawa996 (lunahasawa996) wrote in artists_beware,

How long is too long without a WIP?

I placed an order 2+ months ago with an artust and have yet to get a single WIP from them. They seem to be working out of order on their queue, that or it is so outdated I'm missing something as commussions being put out were for people not even on the list.

Thr artist seems to always be posting new adopts on a nearly daily basis, and at this point after being told a month ago "I'm currently working on one comm now but when I get to a sketch for you I'll show it" I'm starting to think i wont ever get a WIP, and am about ready to ask for a refund.

Just, am i being impatient, or do i have reason to worry that i might not get my art any time soon?
Tags: advice for commissioners

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