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unpaid reference sheet

WHO: Rayd / Hytyle / Aprilycan

WHERE: fur affinity

WHAT: reference sheet

WHEN: July 21 to yesterday morning

EXPLAIN: user posted to FA forums in search of an artist for making a reference sheet. we agreed that I would be paid 60 during the process and remaining 40 upon completion. since being around 60% of the way through, I have been asking for partial payment; user has in response, acted like a victim by me asking for payment, suddenly reversing the affirming that my style works for them, that they like what I'm making, and claiming they hate it and therefore don't need to pay me. they have even said i'm witch hunting them, which is hilarious! since I've given up being paid the rent money i still need and have moved on to simply wanting to warn other people that this person is insincere and dishonest in their dealings.

at first it seemed like a good fit.
I gave them a choice of pose and got started.
I asked them for feedback about the quality of linework and style.
I started in on color and texture, adjusting when they had feedback, but the word "perfect" was thrown around a lot.
Created multiple versions for comparison and customer design choice.
Started in on the extra offers I included - poses with his outfit, offers to illustrate him using magic. Things people usually don't include in one reference sheet package.
Around this time I started asking for payment and realized they most likely weren't planning on paying me.
making a personal post to vent about what happened, they comment to harass me, while blocking me, meaning I technically can't reply to their weird victim posing.

all said, I think some people are just best avoided at times. I don't know what's going on with this person, but I'd glad a platform exists to warn fellow artists. am I sad? yes. can I pay the rent without this income? not yet. am I going to waste my time harassing this person like they're harassing me? definitely not. but now I know I can check for names here if someone I'm working for seems fishy, and hope everyone stays safe out there.
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Aug. 24th, 2018 10:51 pm (UTC)
I can say with full confidence not only would I ever work with you, I'd actively recommend to my friends to blacklist you. All I see is a commissioner who would lie to and mislead me over the entire commission process, only to back out at the eleventh hour with a large paragraph telling me my art is bad and they regret commissioning me and they fear my emotional response to being told this and they refuse to pay me before blocking me, and then accusing me of harassment and defamation when I tell my side of the story, while mispainting the scenario to others claiming they """"""respectfully"""""" discussed things with me and "all for paying some sort of compensation for the artist's time if they hadn't been so adamant in escalating things as quickly as they did" (as though I would have any choice in the matter if I was gotdamn blocked by you) but now you just won't and it's my own fault.

It doesn't matter how many good past commissions you've had with artists. Next time could be another bad one, and it could be with me, and I'll be stiffed $60 worth of work, and all your other happy artists aren't going to do much for me so why on earth would I ever take that gamble?

Great to see how open you are to the possibility you may be wrong! I really respect your open-mindedness and willing to accept the logic dozens of people with objective opinions are trying to tell you by the way! You're a champ and a hero.


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