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Looking for advice: Associating individual work with studio name

I run a review website and recently we had a situation (which has since been resolved) that I would like some outside opinions on.

Let us say that there is an artist studio that consists of 2 artists who work together. These artists shall be named B and C.

An outsider to the studio, person D, is a personal friend of B and asks B if they can get a commission. B normally doesn't do things independently from the studio, but since D is a friend they do.

D later reviews their product on my website, but they say that the Studio (consisting of B&C) did it.
I list the review under the studio name.

B contacts me and asks the review be taken down - they explain it was only between B and D and therefore does not reflect the work of the studio partnership.
To me, the work looks exactly like the studio items, but I feel that maybe they have a point anyway. Commissions between B personally and the studio of B&C aren't necessarily handled the same way.

The only problem now is: how should situations like this be categorized on the website?

Should the personal feelings not really matter about this and it be labeled as the studio's work since the item created resembles the work that the studio makes normally? Should notations be made in the review to say that "Person B specifically of the studio made this" but otherwise file it with the other studio reviews? Should a new page specifically for Person B alone be made, and have this single review there, totally divorced from the studio? Since B doesn't take personal commissions, it seems like a waste of a listing to me... But I'd like to hear outsider opinions, from other artists, how they might want their things listed if they potentially ended up in this situation.

The situation that actually happened was handled and filed a certain way, but without revealing what happened it didn't actually answer this question. So I'm still wondering what the right procedure would be (if we should have a standard procedure in place at all for this), because I am certain this situation is not unique and will pop up again eventually.

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