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WHO: AbigailDS


WHAT: Digital Headshot sketch, $4 US

WHEN: June 6, 2018 - August 9, 2018

PROOF: This link provides all screenshots and proof of communication, purchase, and the failed delivery.

EXPLAIN:  This purchase was for a $4 piece of art.  Communication was done on the website

The seller (known as AbigailDS on FurAffinity and hereby referred to as  Abigail), advertised to draw headshots of a character for $4 (first and  second image; link to webpage:  I took her up on the offer, commenting on the post (third  image).  She replied to me, telling me to send the payment to  her PayPal address.  I sent her the payment (fourth image),  then I told her I had sent the payment and she then hid her comment for  an unknown reason--I believe she didn't want her PayPal email to be  publicly displayed.  This happened on June 6th,  one week after the original advertisement was posted.  Note  that the times in the screenshots are slightly off because that is the  time of the FurAffinity server, not the user's local time.

Fast forward two months.  The two month deadline that was  advertised has now passed.  I have not heard from Abigail at  all since I sent her the payment, not even a confirmation that said she  received the payment.  No updates, no nothing.  I  noticed that there were a bunch of people complaining on her page that  had also bought something from her. (fifth image; webpage link:   I was already suspicious going into the purchase considering a  single headshot of a character should not take two months, it should  take 20 minutes.  Now that I had seen this and it was past the  deadline that was advertised, I needed to hear something.  I  sent her a private message asking about my art that I had paid for and  threatening to make a PayPal dispute (sixth image).  She then  replied (seventh image) with a barely comprehensible image stating three  things.  The first, I believe, is stating that she does not publicly post most of the art that people commission her for.   Okay, fine, whatever.  The second was hard for me to  decipher and all I can tell is that this is just an excuse to why she has not completed my art, saying that other people come before me (You  still promised me completion within two months,  a very generous deadline for such a simple piece of art.).   The third was stating that she had lost access to her PayPal  account so she will not be able so dispute the claim (once again, not my  problem.  You don't really have any defense, anyway, so I will  just wait for 10 days until I can escalate to a claim and get my money  back).

Today, August 8, 2018, I sent in a PayPal dispute and am now waiting 10  days for her to respond until I can escalate the situation to a claim  and receive my money back.  This is where the current situation  stands.  I do not even care that much about the money, since  like I said, it was literally less than the price of a cup of coffee.   I just want to let others know to NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM  ABIGAILDS.  She seems like a scammer if I ever saw one and I  believe she is hoping to sell lots of cheap pieces of "art" with long  deadlines in hopes that people forget or don't care enough to do  anything about it.  Once again, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from her.   If anybody knows any other aliases of her please comment below  so I can update the beware.

Update: I woke up the next morning to find that Abigail had sent me two  notes.  The first was saying that the account I requested the  refund from was not hers and to "withdraw the complaint/close the  dispute, and [she] will return the money from my new account immediately  after that"... Yeah, not gonna happen.  That way I'm still  protected under buyer's protection... And I know that is your account because that is literally the account you told me to send the money to  when I originally paid for the piece.  Luckily I didn't have to  call out her B.S. because an hour later when she realized her account was frozen and wasn't able to scam any more people until this issue was resolved, she suddenly had access to that account again! Oh! What a coincidence!  She told me to "forget [her] message" and she refunded me.

Additional notes and proof of refund:


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