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Looking for advice - artist hasn’t completed work & is begging me not to continue with a chargeback.

In April I purchased a YCH slot from an artist for $100.

Since then I have asked into the status of the commission twice. The first time I got a fairly passive aggressive response. The second time was on a public dA journal from June, and they said they would get started on my commission the following weekend. They did not.

I filed a chargeback through paypal, and the artist did not respond for some time. They posted someone else’s commission (taken on after mine), and finally got back to me recently through email. Their message was primarily excuses and begging me not to continue with the chargeback due to real life troubles on their part. We’ve been talking but they continue to insist that there is no way they could come up with the $100 needed to pay me back for another calendar year. I offered to take a lower tier of YCH slot / a partial refund (in the hopes it would be easier for them and thus be done more quickly) and they insisted there was no way for them to pay a lower amount, either.

They told me it would take 15 days before they could even get started on my piece, and another ~4 months to finish. I am not interested in waiting that long, and to be honest I have lost interest in the art in general; the wait and the artist’s attitude have soured it for me.

But I am nervous about the implications of continuing with the chargeback if it impedes this person’s ability to buy necessities / pay rent / pay the medical bills they have. I have no way of verifying if it’s a sob story or truth. Either way, I’m not sure what to do.

Should I continue with the chargeback, or just suck it up and accept their terms / accept the loss?

EDIT: I figured it would be easier to edit instead of reply to everyone / choose somebody to reply to. Hope that’s okay?

I will be continuing with the chargeback. I feel like I knew I needed to, but I’m the type of person who is easily guilt tripped with that kind of thing so I had a hard time actually doing it. I definitely needed to hear it from somebody else & the fact that so many people are confirming that it’s the right thing to do has helped a lot. Thanks so much, guys.
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