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Beware: Comfybones

WHO: Comfybones

WHERE: https://twitter.com/comfybones & https://ko-fi.com/Sambam

WHAT: Digital headshot

WHEN: Payment sent on June 15th 2018

EXPLAIN: Comfybones posted a tweet about being open for Kofi headshots (you pay for a certain # of kofis and get art) it was said in the tweet that they work on them every Friday and at the time they were posting art regularly so I was under the impression it was a fairly quick sort of thing. I paid and sent my ref and they said it should be done by next Friday (June 22) Well that was the last communication I received directly from them. I started to feel nervous when their queue was getting larger but work wasn't getting done. Especially all the headshots on their queue before mine. I reached out for an update about a month after payment (July 13th) and received no response, however they were active on multiple twitter accounts. I waited a good while and became very uncomfortable with the lack of communication all together so I decided to ask for a refund on August 7th. Still no response. The next day I started a claim via PayPal to try to get them
to contact me (it sends an email and a message to their PayPal) I tried to reach out by replying to a tweet with no reply.
I escalated the claim on August 10th after still getting no response. Now it is August 21st and Ive received no communication since the commission was paid for in June.

I want it to be clear I'm not upset about waiting longer for the piece, I get that things happen and I've truly tried to be patient and understanding. But I'm being actively ignored. At this point I really just want my refund and PayPal can take a long time to process the claim if they even rule in my favor. I'm frustrated and honestly nervous to post this. I have nothing personal against them and this is not something I wanted to have to do at all, I just want the situation resolved.

All screencaps with captions of what they are can be found here: http://imgur.com/gallery/UFMoGR3
Their Trello/queue: https://t.co/yB9ONzsHQO?amp=1
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Aug. 22nd, 2018 08:38 am (UTC)
Oooooh...this'd be tricky to get resolved in a customer's favour, wouldn't it, since a ko-fi is officially a "donation"? I wonder what Ko-fi's TOS say about users/artists doing this sort of thing. There's a thought - if this is not cool with Ko-fi, then I wonder if reporting the artist to Ko-fi themselves might get you anywhere - not for "I paid for a thing and didn't receive it" on your end, but for "this person is using your service in a way that breaches your TOS".

I'd give side-eye to anyone wanting to do commissions using a "donations" platform like Ko-fi. Patreon is a bit different - it's all very clear, exactly what you're getting, and the fact that you /are/ giving money to receive something if you give at the right tier. But Ko-fi is a "tip me pocket-change because you like what I do, that's it" thing.

The only way I think I'd get involved in any sort of commissions-for-Kofi thing might be maybe some sort of raffle thing. Like, "out of everyone who gives a ko-fi over the next two weeks, I'll pick one person out of a hat to get an art thing". Then it's still within that "donations" sort of sentiment and monetary amount, and if they don't deliver, well, you're only out a dollar or so.
Aug. 22nd, 2018 02:35 pm (UTC)
I see where you're coming from. It's a pretty common trend on Twitter lately to use kofi for commission payments, this is the first time I've done it but I'm definitely going to be weary of it moving forward!


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