PeachyMars (peachymars) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: Being commissioned for T-Shirt designs

I've been approached several times recently by people who are interested in commissioning me for their T-shirt designs, but I'd turned them away as T-shirts/clothing designs are not within my range of knowledge and I don't really know how it would work. I recently had a person I work with regularly ask me if I'd be interested in doing this, and since art is my income, I decided I'd consider it and get back to her once I'm fully informed.

Would I need to sell the rights completely to my art? Would I get royalties if I didn't? I know what to price for selling the rights to my art completely, it's just that when it comes to t-shirts I really don't know how it works, at all, when it comes to the artist's end. I did some googling but the results weren't too informative, so I figured I'd reach out here.

If anyone can offer experience/insight it would really be appreciated. Thank you!

Tags: advice for artists

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