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Looking For Advice!

First of all, hello! I haven't had to post here in a while, which is good!

I come to you now, however, with a problem-

I recently purchased an adopt from an artist (the auction was hosted on both DA and FA). The artist had set the auction/offer end time as 11:59- however they did not specify whether this was based off of server time/CST/PST/etc.

I commented with an AB on FA.

The artist commented back saying that I had won, and I sent the payment their way.

However, a few hours after collecting payment, they noted me- saying that they had broken their own end time on the auction, and that they'd like to refund me and reclaim the adopt so as to sell it to the next highest bidder.

Who is in the right here, in this case? I can understand the frustration of the other bidder, but I'm equally frustrated now as I was told that I won and had already paid.

Also- I've already drawn the character (as well as started writing/doing some headcanon for her). If she's taken back (even with a refund), am I entitled to any form of compensation for the time I have now invested in her?
Tags: advice for commissioners

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