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Beware: Dalmy_Dog

WHERE: I submitted a commission on http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/, and we also have been DMing each other on Twitter

WHAT: A pink goat full fursuit

WHEN: First payment took place in March 10 of $700.00 and the second payment took place in Feb 16 of $1,800.

And this is currently still being dragged out.

Dalmy had submitted a twitter post stating that he was accepting commissions, and could deliver on a 2 week turn around time, in which we could create a fursuit for 2,500. I thought that this was too good to be true. After submitting my request on Feb 9th, he accepted it. 2 weeks went on, and there was no updated from him. At all. Until February 16th, he finally replied to me. Then it was nothing but delays afterwards. No progress shown. Nothing was worked on the suit (even though he claimed he has started to work on the head, but nothing was show except a sketch (and maybe some pattern?) (in which you could see here - https://twitter.com/Dalmy_Dog/status/1009552775573901314).

After much frustration, and I tried to check his ToS on his website, in which I found out that it was down from a lack of payment. From there I knew I wanted a refund, so I asked. And then he has turned around to tell me that he is 2,300 in the hole, and is not sure when he could pay me back. I offered him an option to pay me back until November, but I am not very confident that I will see that money.
I even went on a furry broadcast show to warn their listeners about this guy, and they have advised me to create an artists_beware posts. So here I am.

As you could see from our twitter conversation, after asking him for a refund, he claims that he doesn't have the money

By November, if I don't see any payments from him, I am considering on filing a small claims case.
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