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Edit: For everyone telling me to refund, i have previously stated that there was no transaction of funds due to me not having all the information. I wasnt going to send an invoice until I had everything i needed first.

So I gad a friend come to me wanting a $90 commission of their character and their GF's character. Sadly, their girlfriend lacks a reference sheet, and is making things very difficult for my friend to get artwork done by me as a result.

My friend was given information that was lacking major important details (namely color information and pattern details, they only inclyded body shape and breast size but didn't provide anything else that was of real importance such as a color pallet, fyr design, hair style, ect...) that he relayed back to me, and in an attempt to make it easier on my friend and save money, I offered to make his partner a reference sheet for the $90 instead. She refused but still wants art drawn of her character and to have her bf pay for it.

I personally dont like the idea of having to charge my friend a fee for not having a reference sheet (it's listed in my ToS to have one or be fined a $5 fee) because his partner refuses to get one made. I want to draw the art because he wants to make it a gift for his partner, but his partner is making it both difficult for him in the sense of giving inproper information/facts about the character to relay back to me, and myself on the matter of "I dont want to be held respobsible for drawing a character wrong because she lacks a reference sheet."

I was trying to be nice and offer an easy alternative that will not only help me, but furture artists who are tasked with drawing this character as well who like reference sheets and make it easier on my friend in the long run.

My problem now that i need advice on, is what do i do when a client wants art of x-character as a gift but their partner is making it extreemly difficult for my client and myself on getting a proper transaction and order to be made? Do I step away and decline the offer and miss a chance on making a sale, or do I try to draw the art and risk an unhappy client as a result of improper information? I've expressed my concerns that this person is making it very difficult on my friend and i, but im ultimately at a loss on what else to do. I've never had to deal with this sort of problem before in a long time if at all where a client wants art but their partner is making a normally easy process suddenly very difficult.

Advice is very much appreciated.

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Jul. 18th, 2018 08:01 pm (UTC)
This is a bit late and may not help you now, but may help in the future.

I'm not sure I'd decline the commission just yet. To me, it sounds like someone who isn't an artist, or very new, and just doesn't understand what information is important. Most people don't tell me their characters eye colour, for example. They don't realize it's an important detail. Plus ya, they may be uncertain about what they want.

When someone doesn't have a ref, I do two things:
- I make a little form to fill out
- I tell them to find as many example images as they can, and request them if they don't. They may not have any character refs, but they should be able to find photos/art of the hairstyle and body type they want, for example. Even markings should be available in art, and I encourage people to mix and match: "Body type from x image, but chest size from x".

Small example form:
- Gender:
- Species:
- Body type (add photo):
- Hairstyle and colour (photo, etc).

And so on. This way the client knows what you want, and it's easier for people to fill out a form to give you info, vs just thinking it all up. It's easier for you to read too, compared to a description.

Like aerospiritual mentioned, I think cases like this it's important to explain that after x amount of edits you will need to charge for it. It's also good in these cases to make sure to send a sketch and inks to approve.

I'd only decline if the client isn't answering my questions (for some reason, sometimes people only answer some and ignore others?) or if I simply can't understand them/don't understand the description, since there's not much I can do then.


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