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Beware: Lil-maj

I know that a Character Stealing/Abuse post isn't usually the thing to post here, but i think that this have gone beyond too far that it become a requirement for me to post my issue about it 

WHO: Lil-Maj, qtr1984, Maj2k2, Maj, Maj-Q


WHAT:  He has been commissioning pictures involving my character, and claiming ownership of my character as their own, and involving them in NSFW commissions with his Characters, they were posted mainly on Twitter & Pixiv 

& so far, there is no known if he has commissioned many other artists now, since i didn't see anything other than the ones i saw from pixiv/twitter that was drawn without my consent


Stolen Character work was posted on 2018 late June I spotted a post on Twitter where the Stolen character was drawn by an artist for the thief, it was also posted on Pixiv by the artist, Solo NSFW, & a NSFW comic involving sexual activities with his other characters

I tried to contact the artist & warn them that hey have drawn a stolen character, but they did not understand at first, then said it's not their responsibility (don't blame them since eng isn't their main language, so they probably misunderstood) but for me it's an artist responsibility to stop drawing for the user who is using a stolen character, so i tried to convince them, and they finally understood and promised to stop until problem is solved

EXPLAIN: Derrik has been a very long OC of mine for 5 years (before the stealing attempt)  & those was the very first submissions i had of him

You can clearly see that he has been mine for many years & most of Derrik submissions are on my gallery, just search on FA Strawberry-fox Derrik or Derrik tiger, and i have never for once credit him to anyone other than me, even the artists who drew him have fully credit him to me & no onc else 

I have also other submission of him which are 4 years

while the thief does not have a submission of him from 4 or 5 years ago, only something like 3-2 years & the recent ones he posted to claim the character as his

I would like to make it clear here that NOBODY has permission to commission or use the character Derrik without my given permission other than me 

The thief have previously threatened to use him by force, along with other Characters of mine & While he was talking to Mutual Friend, he made clear that he would take not only Derrik but other characters that I own by force if need be, even hinting at logging into my account if he could get my details to take them, this was from a year ago, before the stealing attempt happens in 2018, there is more I can add if needed, though it is more personal and less to do with character theft.


Character Ownership (NSFW included) 

However After the stolen character artwork of Derrik he commissioned of in  2018 late June were posted, I caught him started editing the description & changed the credits of the character, so he can claim it as his & make it more recognizable as his so that way the stolen character will be officially as his and get away with it, But he forget to update the older submission description of Derrik that's on his gallery which is a pretty shameful behavior (NSFW included)

Little Note & Advice for artists: please do not draw anything for him that involve my Ocs, as i am not longer associated with said the thief, I've known them for a while but cut ties & blocked the communication, so i do not wish to stay in contact with them in any way

Anyway i advice you to check character source first, especially if it comes from this guy.

I appreciate any help/advice provided here

Side note: Just to avoid confusion Banto-kun is an abandoned account of mine


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