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Need Advice

I commissioned someone in the beginning of April this year for a shaded Headshot. Throughout the time the artist kept sending multiple sketches for approvement. Later in April they showed me two traditional sketches, I could choose the one I preffered.

Then in May, I get a completely different sketch, digitalized, again to be approved by me. Yet it looked nothing at all like the first one I approved. I was a bit confused but shrugged it off, it did look nice after all, I asked them to remove some fluffy parts on the head, since it looked like hair.

Then in June I get yet another sketch. And again, it looked nothing like the digital one I approved in the paragraph above. It was completely redrawn, minus the hair, since I requested that to not be drawn.

On the 9th of June I was asked to send the payment, since the artist takes payment after a sketch has been approved. I have not heard from the artist since. A gander to their profile and they announced they would be leaving the site I commissioned them on and leave the furry fandom.

I have no idea if they already left, they haven't responded to my comment on the post, nor have I recieved any private message from them saying they'd leave or something. The behavior with the severel sketches sent is kinda weird too. So, I'm looking for advice on what to do :/


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