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Advice on lack of progress updates

Please forgive typos im using my phone to post this while at work.

I placed a commission order of $55 back on 6/13/2018, and at the 2 week point asked for a status update from the person. They said they havent touched it, and that their queue was rather large and they're working in order. Looking at their queue, im not even listed (then again it could be the journal avatar icon limit on FA), but its going on a month and i still haven't been given a basic WIP or sketch or listed on the queue.

This person also keeps busting out adopts on a near 2-3 adopts per week to raise money, with a few WIPs and posts of current/finished works in between.

Im honestly starting to get rather ancy on if im going to get a progress report or not, as my other commission I placed with someone else around the same time who also had a similarly sized queue has given me a WIP, while this person has not.

Just. At what point should i worry? At what point should i ask for a refund?
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