Get a Load in That Dog! (buchpooch) wrote in artists_beware,
Get a Load in That Dog!

Artist Beware: Jailbird

WHO: Jailbird


WHAT: a two-character digital painting with a background

WHEN: November 2013

EXPLAIN: Jailbird on furaffinity has promised to refund a commission that she does not plan to complete, but has been avoiding every attempt I have made to contact her on various sites. I paid for my commission in 2013, and was put on a refund list en masse with 100 or so other commissioners. No one on the list has been refunded.
Here is the list in question.
And the transaction:

I have emailed Jailbird twice within the past two months, as a response to her apology journal claiming she would clean up her act. She has not responded to any of my emails. I noted her on FA 3 months ago asking about the refund status. She has read the note but has not responded.

I post comments on journals and leave shouts but she has not attempted to engage with me anywhere, and everyone else on that refund list is getting the same treatment.

PROOF: Paypal transaction:
refund list:
furaffinity note:
Tags: artist-jailbird, beware

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