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I commissioned someone at Furlandia for a custom item to be made after the con. It's something they mass produce but didn't have the specific colors for sale at con.

Well I paid for it through my debit card instead of paypal and gave them my email contact.
They never emailed me about my commission. I sent them a PM on their Twitter account over a week ago and got no response even tho they've posted on Twitter.
I've gone to their FA and put in one of their "commission forms" that is supposed to be responded to via email (which is the same email I gave them) the form outright said I commissioned them at Furlandia and haven't gotten a response.

Still no response.
This is the first time I've ever commissioned something at a con for delivery after and I'm upset because I'd expect to have been given an email from them within this time frame.

I'm ok with waiting for my item but the lack of contact is... concerning.

Should I be this upset? Is it normal to wait over a month for someone you commission at a con to email you about the item you've already paid for?

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Jul. 1st, 2018 01:06 pm (UTC)
The fact that they don't respond is concerning.
But as you paid with your debit card it might not be much to do. If they don't respond soon I would message them saying you're about to make a public beware. If they still don't respond, expose their name. You've done everything you can at this point it seems.
Jul. 1st, 2018 06:00 pm (UTC)
Many banks will act on a failure to deliver, though I'm not sure how good your chances are. It's not usually fraud though because you did authorize it. A fraud filing will likely be rejected. What I'm not sure of is what your bank calls it.

Yes, the failure to reply is very concerning and worthy of being upset about.
Aug. 15th, 2018 04:08 pm (UTC)
This may not be useful for this post anymore, but I feel like it may be worth sharing anyway.

Years ago when ignored like this after I purchased a take-home convention item, I went to my bank directly and spoke to them about the issue. I'm not sure your exact situation, but I found the charge on my debit card statement and gave them the information. The bank said if I couldn't work it out with the artist, they would step in, request more information from me (and the artist), and investigate the issue themselves. (I did have the option to skip talking to the artist, and just have the bank go ahead. I chose to hold off for the moment.) If the artist didn't answer the bank's inquiry, or couldn't provide adequate proof the product was mailed, they would pull the money back for me.

I wrote the artist and calmly but firmly explained that if they did not respond to me, and work towards a solution, they would instead be speaking to my bank instead. The money returned to my account, but they still never answered any of my messages. I don't know if they refunded it themselves or if the bank did it for them.

Here's more information about debit card disputes, which may be helpful to anyone facing this situation:
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