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WHO: Goes by the name Kurumi, not much other information is available. Her phone number looks to be scammy/no info.

WHERE: I met her at ANE 2018 at her table, who had a square and her tablet with some works of art on the table.

WHAT: Traditional art, a sketch of my character

WHEN: From February 24th to June 2018

EXPLAIN: I met her at one of the artist alley tables at ANE. She looked professional and like most of the other artists there. She was kind and well mannered at first glance. I have her a reference of my character and had paid for the sketch via her square. She said it would be completed for the next day, Sunday.

On Sunday I got a text saying she couldn't make it because she took a train up to Boston from RI and she couldn't get there in time, to which she said she would mail me the work and I was fine with that. She promised she would send me the work the next day and, nothing. March 2nd I asked if everything was okay and if stuff has been sent out, and she said it would ship next Monday. Nothing again, I contacted her again March 17th, and didn't get a reply until April 7th saying her phone broke, and she lost addresses presumably? I had filed a claim with the bank at this point and just wanted my money back. She had said she could offer a refund but I have not gotten a message back from her since April 8th. The bank would not refund me as of June 2018 since the money was given "willingly" even though it was for an item that I never received. I'm not sure if the art at the table was even hers with the amount of run arounds I was getting. I tried to remain positive and when I had gotten into contact with her again I felt bad and said once I was refunded my money, if she got her things together I would pay her in hopes she would do it this time. But I was never refunded, and never got the piece.

PROOF: https://s33.postimg.cc/yzwlvuo3z/kurumi.png

She has no social media that I'm aware of and I have no other way of contacting her. IF YOU SEE HER NAME AT A CONVENTION, PLEASE STAY AWAY.
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