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Artist Beware: Codeine

Who: Codeine

Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/codeine/

When: January 2018 —  Present

What: In January of 2018, on the recommendation of several friends, I joined one of Codeine's streams in an effort to get one of her commissions. Day one of the stream, I paid $75 to her for a full color commission and was told she would start it in that stream. However, the stream went late and she asked to work on it the day after. I agreed and tuned in for that stream and the same situation repeated again. So, in an effort to make things easier on her, I approached her and told her I would be okay with her working on it out of stream since I assumed there was a large number that wanted to watch her work on their commissions. About a month went by and I popped into another stream to ask about it and was told she had a draft done but couldn't stop her stream to show me. I said it was okay. Another two months went by after this and I had popped into streams and was ignored when I messaged her. Fast forward to the end of May, I went into a stream and told her I would like to see my commission, she said she hadn't even started it but would gladly stream it just for me on the following Saturday. I reluctantly agreed and Saturday came around with no stream. 

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of my stream correspondences. 

It was then I promptly opened a PayPal claim and sent her an email asking for her discord so that I could have an ability to directly speak with her. Proof of our conversation in Discord will be below. But to sum it up, I approached her and told her that I'd rather have the art than have the PayPal claim give me my money back and I worked out with her a 7 piece sketch page that would be equivalent in cost but at a lower amount of work for Codeine. After 8 days out of the 10 that would have resulted in an instant decision, I approached her and she said she had not worked on it and tried to convince me to drop the claim before giving up and saying to let it go and I will have my money back on the date of expiration. I'm VERY disappointed with the outcome of this and I feel her professionalism was horrible and unfitting of someone who wants to be a member of the community. 

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/3o20yfK I have censored out any NSFW images and conversation but the correspondence is there.


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