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Hello! I am going to post artists bewares everywhere now that it is confirmed that they are avoiding all contact even though it was already expected/confirmed this just pushed it.
They blocked me on their new deviantART 6/6/2018. If they see this I do apologize for my friend they get very protective of me and I assure you, I did not want them to message you with the creation of my beware. I simply did not want anyone to get scammed by you again.

Another thing I thought I would mention is someone else was attempting to contact them as they were going to make this person a fursuit but yet again they ran with the money. If they put out a beware I will link it in the comments.
Everything occured on facebook but after mutliple declines due to it I'm just going to leave that out upon request of the moderator!

Feel free to contact me for any more information if needed I don't have everything I may need (initial comment for commission) but I do have our conversation which I will include in the folder.

Back in 2016 on December 17th he had posted about making felt plush commissions I decided to commission them as I had seen them posting stuff and I had previously bought adopts from them so I assumed they were trust worthy. Since then they have given excuses and no updates. I have had to contact them for any information and even then they would not give a WIP even though they said they had previously worked on it. They later deactivated their facebook and did not notify me of this nor given any form of communication. I had to look through google to find any contact other than their paypal email which may or may not be active still. I have seen they are active (see below) and have been multiple times so they cannot say they were not online. They have not messaged me, replied, or any form of contact since March 26th 2017. Paypal will not help me get my money back so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Who: Shitfacedlion/Behem0th on Furaffinity, DenimLion/theBEHEM0TH on Deviantart, BEHEM0TH on Toyhouse
Commissioned: December 17th 2016 https://sta.sh/020cbj2jyyft
Conversation: https://sta.sh/0co3hum86z4 https://sta.sh/012v08d59th3 https://sta.sh/0vw07r4phov https://sta.sh/0bd67x3offd https://sta.sh/01x077s0e99 https://sta.sh/01vbka3sbfab
Attempts to contact/proof of activity: https://sta.sh/0213sy7grbsq https://sta.sh/04vxy4a9roe https://sta.sh/01fwzzes025i
blocked proof: https://sta.sh/08ybxavbjac
Link to all of the proof: https://sta.sh/22d3qn05rz9l
Tags: artist-denimlion/behem0th, beware
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