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Beware: Spodur/Milkymelty

Who: Spodur/Spoder/Milkymelty

Where: Spodur on DA, Milkymelty on Instagram, Their Online Shop, their Toyhou.se.

When: 2016-Present

Explain: Spodur opened up holiday customs for their closed species Skullieds on around December 10th, 2016. On that day, I commented with custom details and claimed a slot, and sent the 10USD for the base custom price. Soon after, Spodur's tablet malfunctioned and they were unable to do much for the month of December. In January, Spodur announced they had acquired a Cintiq and would resume work on customs shortly. Eager to see the finished product, I decided to hold off on messaging them for a while. Radio silence ensued with Spodur submitting a few things here and there well into September when they stopped mentioning working on owed art entirely. I finally sent them a note over DA on December 10th of 2017, a full year after I initially ordered. They read the note and did not respond, and have still not responded as of this writing. Spodur made an update on January 14th of this year saying they would be working on owed Skullied but as mentioned before, I have not heard anything about my owed custom. 

Proof: All proof is here https://sta.sh/22f2jcwcjb03

As of 9/10/18, Spodur and I have reached a resolution!
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Jun. 22nd, 2018 05:40 pm (UTC)
have you considered asking for a refund? thats an absolutely ridiculous wait.
Jul. 4th, 2018 08:42 pm (UTC)
Yep! I've asked Spodur for a refund and they've assured me they are working on finishing the custom but as of now I haven't received any further updates. As you're probably aware I waited way too long to take this issue to PayPal so all I can do it wait for Spodur's response.
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